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Press release: Model Karma
Customise office karma with Karma



Customize office karma with Karma.


"With Karma we are moving into meeting premises and informal meeting locations in Danish businesses. The series contains entirely new potentials for individual interior design and has been created in collaboration with C. F. Møller on the basis of an analysis of trends, tones and demands in the contract market," states Nils Juul Eilersen.


A contract series with many strengths to play on

"Karma consists of a lounge chair, a conference chair and a conference table. Our aim is to give designers many strengths to play on, so they have the potential to create a unique and individual collaboration between furniture, architecture, the interior and the business's identity," explains Nils Juul Eilersen. "In the Karma series, Eilersen's renowned quality is matched by C.F. Møller's great insight into the contract market. We previously launched CFM06, which was intended for large spaces such as foyers, reception rooms or other major traffic areas. Now we are intending to provide good karma for business meetings and, on the basis of our thorough analysis of the market, target groups and competitors, we are sure that we have 'hit the bull's eye'," stresses Nils Juul Eilersen.


At first glance, the Karma series is discreet with its conceptual, simple lines and neutral, classic appearance. On closer inspection, the furniture is rather expressive and surprises with its potential for variation and three-dimensional effect. "The contract market requires the potential to customise furniture to the business, and this series can be equipped to match any interior design," says C. F. Møller project partner Klavs Hyttel. "In all furniture you can combine two different types of leather or textile and in the case of Karma, Eilersen's large collection has also been extended with new materials from Kvadrat". The lounge chair is available with both a runner and cross-anchored base, and the conference table can be styled by choice of colour, the surface on the top and ends, plus legs in different types of wood and steel. The principal idea behind the furniture series is the interplay between inner and outer, hence the name Karma. Klavs Hyttel explains, "The chair is presented like the result of a few simple cuts in a passion fruit, where the richness of colour of the fruit and inner softness is accentuated by its rough and leather-like skin. In this way a special dynamic and karmic alliance occurs."


A quantum leap into the contract market

It was natural for N. Eilersen A/S to develop its range for the public market and to produce furniture for company buildings, hotels and other public areas. "Our furniture is known and recognised to be synonymous with quality, comfort and durability. The entire range is based upon both original craft traditions and newly created design, and these values are reflected by business itself," explains Nils Juul Eilersen. He adds: "Design is a strong medium, which influences several senses at once and therefore businesses are using it to an increasing degree to create and make visible their values. The furniture reflects the business's history and is thereby a part of its positioning. It is interesting that businesses can use furniture design as a strategic tool, and we are glad to be a part of this development."


Background information - N. Eilersen A/S

The company was founded in 1895 and has given life - and its name - to many classics. The founder Niels Eilersen was the first person in Denmark to use steam to form wood, and innovation and tradition still characterise the business. Since the 1930s, N. Eilersen A/S has produced furniture with a  focus on high quality of materials, comfort and durability. This strategy has made Eilersen into a recognised brand both nationally and internationally, and numerous sofa models are regarded as state of the art. N. Eilersen A/S is a family business, today run by the fourth generation of Eilersens.


C. F. Møller

The basic concept of the architectural firm C. F. Møller, which is a part of Scandinavia's largest and oldest architectural practices, is to be simple, clear and unpretentious. CFM Design, the company's design bureau, develops furniture and design based on a combination of knowledge of the human scale, behaviour and a feeling for space, materials and technology.


Further information

Nils Juul Eilersen, N. Eilersen A/S, Fabriksvej 2, DK-5485 Skamby, Denmark

M.: +45 24675712, T.: +45 64851008, F.: +45 64851057, nje@eilersen.eu


Model: Karma Conference - Design: C F Møller Design