Eilersen. Sofas, chairs, tables and stools.

Eilersen is the result of proud furniture tradition, modern design and handmade quality.

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Eilersen and the house of the future - The EnergyFlex House
Eilersen is part of a new spectacular house building



Eilersen is part of one the most spectacular new house building projects in Denmark. The low energy, or rather +energy house, is developed by Teknologisk Institut.


A house which produces more energy than it use for heating, is ready for moving into, in Taastrup just outside of Copenhagen. The project is called EnergyFlex, and Eilersen has joined the project by furnishing the livingroom with a baseline sofa.


The main goal of the project is to reduce the CO2 output in Denmark.


For further information please see this link: www.teknologisk.dk/projekter/25280,13

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The EnergyFlex House