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Press release: Model Pampas
Huge sofa lounger with shaped, removable back



Now you can enjoy your Eilersen even more. For decades Eilersen has been known for its sofa loungers, which have become larger, softer and more easy to combine. Pampas has got the lot. It is deeper, more flexible and totally luxurious, adding extra dimensions to the enjoyment of your Eilersen.


A real sofa lounger is a large, heavy sofa with deep seats and soft cushions that you can sink down into and pamper yourself. Here you can float in a safe space, where you can just sit back, be yourself and relax. "In line with modern trends, sofa loungers have been moving in the direction of even greater weight and solidity, and Pampas surpasses them all," promises Jens Eilersen.


Lounge along, lounge across - or just flat out

Pampas can, will and dares do it all. "What is unique is that the sofa is not locked by fixed arm- and back cushions all around it. Instead, the Pampas has shaped, loose, removable back cushions in foam. This means that you can lounge across it - or move the back, so you can lounge along the length of it. Just lounge in any way you wish to," explains Jens Eilersen. Moving the back not only creates more possibilities for use, but also gives the sofa a totally different feeling. "My plan was to design the sofa as deep as possible, but not everyone is almost two metres tall like me, so I ended up creating the Pampas in two depths of 115 and 105cm.  When the back cushions are moved to the end of the sofa, a large surface is created, which gives a feeling of being even deeper. "


Build your perfect lounger with an orgy of pillows

Pampas is the combination of two elements with foam and fibre-filled seats. Both elements are available in lengths from 140 to 240cm with a 10cm spring, and all the variants are available with both right and left ends. The foundation is just two very simple elements. However, when you start to build it up with the back cushions, you have exceptional freedom. The shaped foam back cushions are available from 70 to 120cm with a 10cm spring, i.e. six sizes in all. There are additional lumbar cushions and decorative pillows. So you buy the seat, back and cushions separately. First, you select the area in the room where you want to have a sofa. Ask yourself what needs your sofa has to meet. Then you see which Pampas elements can actually fit there, and then you select the back cushions for how many seats you will need. Finally add lumbar down-filled cushions ad libitum. And voila - you have the wildest, most extreme and cosy sofa lounger. Orgies of pillows support the back and armrests, which are both 20cm wide, and Pampas' stands solidly on 6 cm low wooden legs, which fasten all the elements together. If these elements are too extreme, you can buy Pampas as a sofa with two armrests with a total length of either 230 or 240cm


Enjoy an Eilersen

Your home should be a place where you feel good. It is a place where you can surround yourself with things that you have chosen - because you need them, and because they speak to you. The forms, colours and styles of the furniture speak to your senses. It is therefore not important how a sofa fulfils its task. Your sofa should be both good to sit on and live up to your life values and taste for the aesthetic. We know all the feeling of being in a location we can rely on. All Eilersen furniture guarantees excellent quality, unique comfort and outstanding durability. "All the furniture, every little detail, is based on original craft traditions and innovative design," promises Jens Juul Eilersen. "Personally, I love Pampas, so I am very much looking forward to seeing how the consumers react to it."


Background information - N. Eilersen A/S

The company was founded in 1895 and has given life - and its name - to many classics. The founder Niels Eilersen was the first person in Denmark to use steam to form wood, and innovation and tradition still characterise the business. Since the 1930s, N. Eilersen A/S has produced furniture with a  focus on high quality of materials, comfort and durability. This strategy has made Eilersen into a recognised brand both nationally and internationally, and numerous sofa models are regarded as state of the art. N. Eilersen A/S is a family business, today run by the fourth generation of Eilersens. Furniture carrying the Eilersen name is a guarantee of excellent quality, unique comfort and exceptional durability.


Jens Juul Eilersen

Since the mid 1960s Jens Juul Eilersen has been the design developer at N. Eilersen A/S. He does not have theoretical training - rather, a comprehensive interest combined with a fantastic talent. All his sofas are created in accordance with the Golden Mean, where the classical geometrical proportions are a guarantee of balance and harmony in both functionality and appearance. Jens Juul Eilersen has, for example, designed Eilersen's best-selling "Monza" - a sofa which has truly been hailed as a classic after 25 years on the market. Jens Juul Eilersen has always had a eye for the innovative and has patented many of his groundbreaking designs. This innovation is still evident today, with his designs being an expression of the moment.


Further information

Nils Juul Eilersen, N. Eilersen A/S, Fabriksvej 2, DK-5485 Skamby, Denmark
M.: +45 24675712, T.: +45 64851008, F.: +45 64851057, nje@eilersen.eu


Model: Pampas - Design: Jens Juul Eilersen