Eilersen. Sofas, chairs, tables and stools.

Eilersen is the result of proud furniture tradition, modern design and handmade quality.

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Model Karma Lounge at C.F. Møller, Aarhus

Model Karma Lounge at C.F. Møller, Aarhus

Customize your office's karma. This is both the possibility and the promise that this charismatic and exciting new series offers the contract market.


The Karma series consists of an easy chair, a conference chair and a conference table. The basic idea is to give company meetings and daily tasks good karma by creating coordination and alliance between the furniture's interior and exterior, and granting the opportunity to tailor your furniture to other furnishings and architecture. At first glance you see a discreet piece of furniture with plain lines and a neutral classical expression. When you get closer you will be surprised, and even overwhelmed, by the depth of expression and high level of detail.


The series gives interior designers, architects or individual consumers a choice of different strengths to play on, and therefore optimum opportunities to create a unique and individual interaction between furniture, architecture, interior and corporate identity. All of the furniture allows you to combine two different sorts of leather or textile; the easy chair can be supplied with both runner and swivel; the conference table can be styled to your individual taste of base, table surface and frame, plus lacquer or steel legs.

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