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Press release: Model Airborne
Airborne – lifting meetings & dinners to heavenly heights



Eilersen presents something as rare as a premiere. The artist, sculptor and furniture designer Monica Ritterband, for the first time puts her name, ideas and creativity into a new Eilersen design. Airborne is the name of the table which has a tight yet light as air Scandinavian touch in its genes.

Here in Scandinavia we love the easy, simple, streamlined design that is simultaneously organic and in harmony with both people and nature. Accordingly presenting itself as streamlined not stringent. But lovingly and meticulously crafted - like a stone that after many years of rolling in the surf along the Danish coast acquires the exact rounded expression that characterizes Airborne.


Light and elegant - austere and strong

"The actual shape of the table is inspired by the wing of an aircraft" says Monica Ritterband. "An airplane wing is carried by air. It looks light. It is long, elegant and strong. It has a tight and highly accurate aerodynamic design. It has strength and character. Nothing is left to chance, and it lives up to its mission 100%. Unaffected and effortlessly it carries its load - up into the sky," she explains. Airborne can also lift anything to heavenly heights. As the dinner table in a modern home. As a coffee table in the lounge corner of the living room or in the company's informal conversation corner. As a meeting or canteen table. Simplicity combined with sophisticated details is the strength that makes Airborne able to fly in and match any environment without compromise. Airborne will always be itself and have its own importance. But the table also has respect for its surroundings and slides quite naturally into the context.


Away with the militant - in with the human

Monica Ritterband would like to stimulate human interaction. "We sit so much across from one another," she emphasizes. "Both when we have meetings and when we eat. Many tables have a table end, and that table end establishes rank. My goal was to design a table where everyone sits equally at the table, and where everyone can talk to everyone. By shaping the table with inspiration from an airplane wing it can be used for example in a canteen without the formation resembling a military rank. A little unorthodox, but still within a natural geometric framework where everyone can participate." As a coffee table Airborne has both functional and aesthetic strengths. First and foremost, there is adequate surface space, freeing one from having to balance cups, glasses and plates on lap or armrest. At the same time the round, organic corners mean that there is no risk of banging legs into sharp edges. The table legs are a story in themselves. They are shaped like slender ovals and in this way provide the table with a strong foothold and landing gear while the oval shape helps to emphasize the lightweight, aerodynamic look. Airborne has a tabletop of super strong plywood that can be covered with a number of optional linoleum colours.






Background information

N. Eilersen A/S

Founded in 1895, the company has given name and life to many classics. Founder Niels Eilersen was the first in Denmark to use steam to shape wood, and innovation and tradition are still hallmarks of the company. Since the 1930s, N. Eilersen A/S has produced furniture with a focus on top quality materials, comfort and durability. This strategy has made Eilersen a well-known and recognized brand both nationally and internationally, and several of their sofa models carry the designation "state of the art". N. Eilersen A/S is a family business, currently operated by the fourth generation. That a piece of furniture carries the Eilersen name is a guarantee of excellent quality, unique comfort and exceptional durability.


Monica Ritterband

Monica Ritterband is an artist and furniture designer with a trunk load of originality, imagination and new thinking. The former newscaster is today internationally recognized as one of Denmark's most versatile designers. In 2010, her stove series for Morsø Foundry awarded with the international and prestigious design prize "Red Dot Design Award". During the past 10 years she has created groundbreaking designs for, among others, Ege Carpets, Danish Art Weaving, Holmegaard, Raadvad and Royal Copenhagen - and last year she launched an exclusive bench series of historic wood. Here in 2011, she has just launched a unique kitchen and counter concept for custom furniture company Morsø Special Inventar, known for their tailor-made furniture solutions for the high-end market, and now she is here with her first design in Eilersen auspices. See more at www.ritterband.dk


Further information

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Airborne – lifting meetings & dinners to heavenly heights

Model Airborne - Design by Monica Ritterband