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Press release: Model Gatsby
Gatsby is the epitome of elegance and decadence



"The Great Gatsby" is first and foremost the title of a legendary novel that was later turned into a film, eventually turning "Gatsby" into a lifestyle concept. Gatsby stands for high class. Easy living. Colours and celebration. And the slightly advanced, but much studied sense of taste. Is this a fit for you? Then so is Gatsby.

"I wanted to create a model with huge, soft pillows that characterise the floater. But so it wouldn't become too bottom-heavy, I counterbalanced this with a taut and slender frame, which is neither too thick or too thin", says Eilersen, continuing: "Try to focus on the slender frame. Would your eyes expect to see such a frame combined with a thick, overstuffed seat? Gatsby is provocative. Instead of a thick, overstuffed seat, it is elegant and trim. And as a counterpoint to all these trimmed-down facets, there is gravity in the heavy arm- and backrests, floater look and comfort in the special lumbar cushions. The modelbrings together the elegant and the relaxed facets that typified the Gatsby period and style."


Easy to dance with

Gatsby is a pure sectional sofa consisting of fairly few pieces, so it's easy to dance with. The model's standard base components make it possible to configure a Gatsby to fit the needs of nearly anyone. Grab a middle piece, which you can choose from two sizes. Combine with the end pieces, which are available in three sizes. Or use the corner piece to create a corner sofa. Gatsby's seat is Eilersen's world-renowned feather top, and all the cushions are our well-known quality cushions using authentic feathers/down.




Enjoy an Eilersen

Your home should be a place where you are most comfortable. Here you surround yourself with things you have chosen for yourself. Because you need them and because they appeal to you. Furniture shapes, colours and subtleties speak to your senses. Therefore, it really matters how the sofa fulfils its mission. Your sofa should be both comfortable to sit in - and live up to your life values and taste for the aesthetic. We all know the feeling of being a place we like. That's why we say: Enjoy an Eilersen.




Further info

Nils Juul Eilersen, N. Eilersen A/S, Fabriksvej 2, DK-5485 Skamby
M.: +45 24675712, T.: +45 64851008, F.: +45 64851057
nje@eilersen.eu - www.eilersen.eu



Background information


N. Eilersen A/S

Founded in 1895, the company has given name and life to many classics. Founder Niels Eilersen was the first in Denmark to use steam to shape wood, and innovation and tradition are still hallmarks of the company. Since the 1930s, N. Eilersen A/S has produced furniture with a focus on top quality materials, comfort and durability. This strategy has made Eilersen a well-known and recognized brand both nationally and internationally, and several of their sofa models carry the designation "state of the art". N. Eilersen A/S is a family business, currently operated by the fourth generation.

The fact that a piece of furniture bears the Eilersen name is a guarantee of excellent quality, comfort and unique durability.




Jens Juul Eilersen

Has since the mid-1960s been responsible for the design developments at N. Eilersen A/S. Jens Juul Eilersen has no theoretical training - but is interested and has a fantastic talent. All his sofas are created in accordance with classic geometric proportions, guaranteeing balance and harmony in terms of both function and expression.  Jens Juul Eilersen has, among other things, created one of EilersenĀ“s biggest sellers, the CONTROL lounge chair, which after being on the market for 30 years can rightly be called a classic.  Jens Juul Eilersen has always had a nose for the innovative and has produced and patented a number of his creative designs. This innovation is also being expressed today whereby his designs are an expression of time and not of that fact that he is now in his seventies.

Model Gatsby - Design by Jens Juul Eilersen