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Press release: Model String
Eilersen turns an eye to Argentina



It started out with an informal meeting in Milan and ended with an approved design from Buenos Aires. In brief, this is the story behind EILERSEN's new lounge chair, the STRING, designed by Argentine designer Federico Churba.


Federico Churba was trained as an industrial designer at the University of Buenos Aires and currently runs his own studio, where he designs furniture, lighting and home accessories.


STRING's design is based on the concept that the more comprehensively planned out a design is, the more extensive its range of possible uses and applications. With this in mind, Federico Churbas envisioned and designed the STRING in two versions - one for indoor use and one for outdoor use.


With STRING, Federico Churba takes sculptural simplicity to the limit with his elegant treatment of the frame in powder coated aluminium.


Behind its stringent mode of expression, one will discover an incredibly comfortable lounge chair, which with its broad seat and angled back invites the occupant to relaxation, conversation and well-being, whether used indoors or on the terrace.


STRING's elegant aluminium construction, with a seat in either textile or weave, gives any space- whether used in a living room, office or on the terrace -a visual accessibility that makes this lounge chair into a refreshing alternative.


STRING will be presented at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair and then available in select design boutiques in Scandinavia, Europe, Japan and USA.


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Model String - Design by Federico Churba