Eilersen. Sofas, chairs, tables and stools.

Eilersen is the result of proud furniture tradition, modern design and handmade quality.

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Eilersen is celebrating its 120th Anniversary with new chairs
IW2 & IW3, design by Illum Wikkelsø



The Eilersen name first appeared on the scene in 1895, when a young Niels Eilersen founded a wheelwright shop, which grew over time and changed as new generations took over. Four generations have each developed and expanded upon this fine craftsmanship in their own way: today, EILERSEN is an internationally recognised and respected furniture house with a focus on quality, design and manufacture of sofas, chairs, tables, bookcases and cushions.


120 years have passed and Eilersen is celebrating by launching a wooden dining table and rocking chair. It was wood and woodwork that formed the foundation of the business and even today, it remains a central element of Eilersen's furniture making.


A wooden chair designed by Kristian Illum Wikkelsø.


Last year Eilersen re-launched the Spider table in several models and in both marble and glass: a collection consisting of dining tables and side tables designed by architect Andreas Hansen. A great table deserves a great chair and so Eilersen has therefore also decided to re-launch a chair with a classic design and great level of comfort, providing comfortable rest for the body.


IW2 and IW3 are the names of both a dining table and a rocking chair, designed in 1958 by the Danish furniture architect Kristian Illum Wikkelsø. This chair's comfort and the countless possibilities it represents for painting in a vast array of shades, made it the perfect choice. Eilersen decided to spray-coat the IW2 and IW3 in eight colours from the graphic shades between white and black and in matte pastels. The simple expression of form inherent to these chairs and their straightforward design means they will match any interior, table or sofa.


The new colours include black, ivory, concrete, charcoal, navy, lime, scarlet and ginger.

Model IW2 - Design by Illum Wikkelsø