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Press Release Multi-colour Great Ash


Great Ash invites well-being and comfort. With its supportive back, elegant narrow armrests and large, soft down cushions, the sofa feels like one big, warm embrace.  It has now been launched in three new colour options, which for the first time are multicolour: Bloom, Blues and Bauhaus.

The green colourway of the Bloom sofa reflects the charm of the Nordic landscape and can add a beautiful depth to any interior. The combination of greens is reminiscent of nature, and with cushions in pink and yellow, you can almost see the flowers dancing in the sun.

With the new addition of the Blues colourway in bluish tones, Great Ash exudes a calmness that can create a beautiful contrast in your home. The blue colour is both natural and calm, reflecting the Nordic landscape with its breathtaking coastlines. 

Bauhaus is an exciting and colourful combination dominated by the three primary colours of red, blue and yellow. The colours also emphasise the geometric shapes in each Great Ash module as a nice reference to the Bauhaus style.

Consistent design & clean lines

With its elegant clean lines and beautiful symmetrical appearance, Great Ash is a sofa that will adorn any living room. The wide seat cushions are deep and soft. You can also add lots of smaller scatter cushions for a relaxed and luxurious look. 

The sofa’s base and seat cushions work as a beautiful extension of each other, emphasising the design excellence and comfort of Great Ash. 

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Eilersen's exciting fairy tale turns a new page


Eilersen is an expert in the private home as the furniture is made for this. On top of the existing 1600 m2 showroom in Skamby, another space is now added with the new showroom opening in Niels Hemmingsens Gade 7 in Copenhagen.

'With the opening of an extra showroom, our focus is especially on the private home. We are particularly interested in getting interior architects to drop by our showroom when they are faced with the decision of deciding on furniture for a client's home that they are decorating. With 'My Eilersen', we can make their job a lot easier by assisting them in getting one of our more than 60 models customized and simultaneously achieving the exact furniture to suit their client's desire,' explains Nils Juul Eilersen.

The old space in Niels Hemmingsens Gade has been restored with the utmost respect for the beautiful framework hidden underneath the lowered ceilings and old carpets. The stunning ancient glass mosaic lights up the entire room with green and yellow tones and was created by Danish artist and painter Preben Hornung (22.07.1919 - 03-08-1989). Apart from his glass mosaics, Preben Hornung is also well-known for his portraits of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. The space was home to a bank for many years, and the vault is still here. The building was built in 1903, and sadly the architect is unknown.

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Press Release 3 Days of Design 2022


Visit us for this year’s 3daysofdesign 

15 - 17 June | 10 AM - 6 PM

Join us in our newly opened showroom in Copenhagen. Enjoy art from several exciting artists in the remarkable space, of course, surrounded by novelties as well as classic Eilersen designs.

Event Programme 

Wednesday 15 June | 4 - 6 PM

‘Eilersen Jazz Session’  by duo Chris Minh Doky & Poul Reimann

Enjoy a glass of champagne & delicious appetizers to the sound of soothing jazz.

Eilersen showroom, Niels Hemmingsens Gade 7

1153 Copenhagen K

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Danish Design on auction to support Danish Red Cross


Eilersen teamed up with Bo Bedre and Lauritz.com for a charity auction as part of Design Awards in 2021 where all the proceeds were donated to the Danish Red Cross. Eilersen’s contribution was a BAS sofa. Other contributing companies were MUUTO, Carl Hansen & Son, FLOS, Louis Poulsen, and House of  Finn  Juhl.

Furthermore, Eilersen is a patron of the following charities:

Danish Red Cross – supports Ukraine
Danish Cancer Society
Kids Aid

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Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020


At this year’s Stockholm Furniture fair Eilersen and Juul invite you inside a universe filled with inspiring colour constellations and compositions as well as dynamic design.

“Enjoy Home” is the title of this year’s stand designed by Eilersen and Juul’s in-house design team. Visitors will be met by a beautiful textile ceiling, which frames the entire stand with its soft curves, that adds a sense of calm and make the surroundings disappear.

From the hallways of the fair, the guests are welcomed by a calm grey colour on the walls. However, as soon as they enter the stand, a vibrant colour palette reveals itself both on the walls and on the furniture. The Walls are painted in the brand new colours Bordeaux and Oviedo from the Eilersen x Flügger collection. The colours are inspired by the colour universe that characterized the historicism period (1850 – 1900) as a tip of the hat back to the beginning of N. Eilersen A/S back in 1895, 125 years ago.

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Press Release Model BasThe comfortable and multifunctional sofa


In 2020 N. Eilersen A/S celebrates its 125th anniversary and presents a brand-new sofa called ‘Bas’. The sofa is designed by Jens Juul Eilersen.

Bas means low in French and is the perfect description of the new sofa. As opposed to many other Eilersen lounge sofas, Bas is a low lounge sofa, which is not very deep, it measures merely 93 cm in depth.

“I wanted a name that instantly told a story about the sofa. Bas means low in French and describes the design so nicely as soon as you hear the name”, says Jens Juul Eilersen.

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Press Release 3 Days of Design - Hotel CharlottenborgAn exhibition exploring the future of hospitality through furniture design


Your home away from home during 3daysofdesign, Hotel Charlottenborg opens its doors to a new exhibition created in collaboration with 16 leading contemporary Danish furniture brands and the Association of Danish Wood and Furniture Industries, curated by Ark Journal, a biannual print magazine that bridges the gap between architecture, art and design.

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Press Release 3 Days of Design - Tableau pop-upWhen art and design combine


Eilersen has joined forces with Tableau to transform Anton Dam’s showroom for 3 Days of Design, with a focus on colour and innovation.

The place where design, art and flowers meet

A new and excitingly different flower shop, called Tableau, opened in Copenhagen in 2018. The owner is Julius Værnes Iversen, a self-taught florist, renowned for being able to create small works of art for the ‘stage’ in the form of innovative objects using flowers and plants. By joining forces with Eilersen, Julius enters the zone where art, flowers and design combinations, and produced a series of unique creations featuring Eilersen’s own textiles.

Screen and Seal are two new textiles from Eilersen, both of which have been used for the flower creations.

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Press Release: Model RaBrand new sofa with an international touch


With the launch of the brand-new Ra sofa, Eilersen has added a sofa with an international touch to its collection. A well-mannered sofa Ra is an elegant sofa, which is comfortable to sit it. It is perfect for having guests over, as it is not too deep nor too low. It is also a sofa that will be modern for a long time, as it is tastefully designed, it is not designed after a current trend that one could tire of after a few years.


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Press Release: Model Float HighGrace and Strength


Float High is a development of the Float sofa. Unlike the Float sofa with its low frame, the Float High is carried by slender steel legs, which elevates it gracefully from the floor.

Pick your poison

With the two Float sofa’s; Float and Float High, it is possible to pick the one that is the perfect fit for each customer, but they still get the same look of a soothing and strong lounge sofa. The added height, that is gained with Float High, offers a lounge sofa that is not too low.

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Press Release: Model FloatA Soothing Lounger


An ultra-low lounge sofa that invites you to sit down, relax and float, is now a part of the Eilersen Family. Combine it in any way so that it is perfect for you and your family.

A fusion of comfort and flexibility

“What is so unique about the Float sofa, is that it is extremely low but at the same time it possesses the best comfort,” explains Designer Jens Juul Eilersen.

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Press Release: Model FrameVersatile and Timeless


With sixteen different table tops to choose between, Nils Juul Eilersen wanted to emphasize the beauty and versatility of the multitude of table tops that Eilersen has to offer. With the design of the new Frame table, Nils succeeded in doing just that. A simple frame to elevate the table top of your dreams.

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Press Release: Model KantWith a love of nature Kant – a modern classic is born


Together with Yuzuru Nishiyama from Japan, Eilersen has created a new collection of tables called ‘Kant’. The collection spans from coffee tables in different sizes to the perfect console table or office desk, which even comes with a matching bench. With Kant a new modern classic is born.

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Press Release: High Point Market 2018Eilersen at High Point Market 2018


The High Point Market this Spring will take place  April 14th. – 18th. You will find us in the new  showroom at 220 Elm, Space 326.

We are going to bring many beautiful sofas to this show! You can find Great Pampas corner group in the new fabric Plindy and one more in the new depth and in the new fabric Plakar.

There will be a Rig corner group in the new fabric Plindy as well as a Playground in the new fabric Plindy. 

You can find Ash, Ajour, Butterfly, Tub sofa, Dacapo corner group and Gotham corner group just to mention some more. If this haven't woken up your curiosity, you can see IW dining chairs, Mandarin chairs both sizes, Spider tables and Carpets too!

There will be additional models which are available from our quick ship program.


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Press Release: Model DropMajestic Eilersen sofa with elevating effect


Drop is Eilersen's latest interpretation of the classic corner sofa. The seat is low and wide to ensure optimum comfort; and even though the sofa invites hours of relaxation, extra foam with fibrefill has been added to the seat cushions to ensure that you are able to get up again without any trouble.

The short, concealed legs create an optical illusion, which makes it appear as though Drop is floating surreally a few centimetres above the living room floor. But don’t worry. As with all other Eilersen models, the sofa has its feet planted firmly in a handwork tradition where aesthetics and practical experience don’t serve to contradict, but are prerequisites. It is therefore nothing less than contemplated proportionality combined with uncompromising choices of material that hold Drop together and ensure the tight look that has become synonymous with Eilersen.

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Press release: Model SessionA new sofa from Eilersen combining grace and strength


Session is the latest addition from Eilersen, who has once again created a sofa for the most discerning of audiences. The construction is supported by slim legs made of brushed stainless steel, which achieves the familiar ambition of completing the shape through functionality.

Surprising simplicity
Industry connoisseurs will probably not be surprised by the simplicity that is met by even the most volatile of eyes when they see the Session sofa, which is intended to have a central location in, e.g. the living room, lobby or hall. Its sculptural aesthetics come into full being when standing alone, but make no mistake: Session is a safe haven, not a delicate sculpture. As with all of Eilersen’s sofas, it is designed, produced and assembled to withstand the wear that occurs naturally at a popular place for relaxation and rest.

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Press Release: Model SlimlineThis airy sofa from Eilersen challenges the laws of gravity


It doesn’t exactly float in the air, but almost. Eilersen’s newly developed Slimline sofa is distinguished by its lightweight appearance. The perfectly proportioned interaction between the steel frame, back, ends and cushions prompts the sofa to defy gravity.

Eilersen’s signature
Slimline is a classic expression for the values that have characterised the well-known Eilersen brand since the beginning of 1895, when it wasn’t sofas but coaches that bore the signature of the family business. The furniture is therefore a manifestation of elegance, durability and quality. Traditions exist to be renewed and it is therefore a pleasure for the eyes, small of the back and back that the renowned design principles live proudly on in a modern sofa, which in all probability could not have been made a gram lighter than it is.

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Press Release: Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018Eilersen at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018


This year will be our 15th anniversary since we are attending to
Stockholm Furniture Fair. Find us at Stand A16:12!
Nils Juul Eilersen will hold a personal presentation on 7th February, at 12:30.

We have 4 new Eilersen sofas to present: Session, Slim Line, Drop and Slope.
Beside the new sofas you can find our new IW5 chair, as well as the new carpets Lama and Field.

If this is not enough, we are going to reveal some new fabrics:
Desert, Gravel, Plindy, Plakar, and showing new colours for the existing Pierre fabric.

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Press Release: Model AshFunctionality and aesthetics


Jens Juul Eilersen has designed a new sofa for Eilersen. A sofa that represents joy, comfort, quality and functionality. This new classic sofa, with its tight look, is called Ash, and goes well with small leather or fabric cushions. A sofa with a timeless expression.

Ash is extremely comfortable because it isn't just a sofa - it also doubles as a spare bed. To this end, Jens Juul Eilersen focused on maximum comfort in the seat cushions, so you can feel as well-rested as if you were in a real bed.

Functionality and aesthetics
For more than 50 years, Jens Juul Eilersen has contributed towards improving the comfort and aesthetics of the home. And now he's back again, combining these two concepts and designing a sofa with dual functionality - a sofa and bed in one. 

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Encounter the World's Best Home in ShenzhenEilersen and Mexarts exhibited in Shenzen Creative Week


During March 19th to 22nd 2017, Mexarts associated with Shenzhen Furniture Association again held an International Lifestyle Design Fair in the third pavilion of Shenzhen convention center. As one of the co-organizer, Mexarts invited many world-class furniture and home furnishing brands to participate the fair with the concept of delivering the beauty and high-quality lifestyle, aiming at presenting a spectacular furniture feast with global standard.
The fair was themed with "Encounter the World's Best Home in Shenzhen", as the second cooperation between Mexarts and Shenzhen Furniture Association after last year "Danish Lifestyle Design Fair". Add on to last year Danish premium furniture brands, Mexarts this year integrated with high-end furniture designing brands from Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, etc to join this fair.
This was the first time for Eilersen brand to be displayed in scale in China Furniture Fair. Mexarts granted 300 sqm for Eilersen to build up an independent brand area to present 13 sofa models. This area became the most comfortable area in the fair with 13 beautiful models to create a both elegant and comfortable experience.

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Press Release: Model ButterflyDual expression


Eilersen is renowned for its comfortable furniture. Furniture that helps you enjoy your time off and lets the family relax. Now, Eilersen is launching a collection consisting of two- and three-seater sofas that come with an armchair. Butterfly is designed around a delicate frame with down-filled seat and back cushions and armrests.

This new model is called Butterfly.

Danish-Japanese partnership
Eilersen cannot take full credit for the Butterfly concept. Butterfly was conceived and sketched by Japanese designer Yuzuru Nishiyama, in collaboration with Jens Juul Eilersen. The idea behind Butterfly was to create a sofa that balances the formal and the informal.
Dual expression
Butterfly has two expressions. From the back, it appears slim, minimalistic and quite formal, whereas from the front its look is dominated by the soft, down-filled cushions with visible stitching. These stitches give Butterfly a softer look, with a Bohemian touch. With its tall cushions, the sofa is the best and most convenient place in your home to rest or just sit and chat.
With its slim body and slender, stainless steel legs, Butterfly is a light sofa, perfectly suited for smaller living rooms or as a soft touch in the dining room. 

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Press release: Model BermudaEilersen's new sofa is a chameleon.


The Bermuda is Eilersen's new sofa offering. Its classic lines will suit any interior, and its classic cut provides a multitude of upholstery options. The Bermuda will be presented at this year's furniture fair in Stockholm as a chameleon. Its fabric colours, textures and composition make it easy to adapt it to any interior or home. The sofa will be available from Eilersen's international network of retailers.

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Press release: Model FattyFatty is a new, large, wide and soft Eilersen sofa


15 years ago, Jens Juul Eilersen, designed the Baseline couch. With its depth, broad armrests and excellent comfort, it became one of Eilersen's greatest successes. Jens Juul Eilersen has returned to his drawing table and reinterpreted the sofa which gained the Eilersen brand international recognition. 

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Press release: Model MissionEilersen in Danish-Japanese partnership


Eilersen has been on a new mission to Japan. The trip resulted in a collaborative sofa, which is both Danish and international, while remaining rooted in the famous Japanese simplicity. Its name is Mission, and the couch is a slightly lighter version of Eilersen's well-known sofas. The Mission is designed to underpin and cultivate the Japanese tradition of simplicity and harmony, in which the lines do not interfere with the design but rather enhance its function. With its stringent body, slender legs and eye for detail, the Mission positively floats and promotes itself as the perfect sofa for a simple interior design.

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Press release: Dansk FlygtningehjælpEilersen donerer to IW3 stole til Dansk Flygtningehjælp


Eilersen har doneret to IW3 gyngestole til Dansk Flygtningehjælps online velgørenshedsauktion 2015. I følge Dansk Flygtningehjælp indbragte auktionen over 200.000 kroner. Pengene fra auktionen går ubeskåret til nødhjælpsarbejde i verdens brændpunkter.

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Press Release: Dansk FlygtninghjælpEilersen støtter Dansk Flygtninge Hjælp


Dansk Flygtninge Hjælp afholder auktion på Lauritz.com. Eilersen har doneret en Control stol til formået.

Auktionen på Lauritz.com afholdes den fra den 13.-23. juni 2014 og det konkrete mål er, at samle penge ind til nødhjælp og beskyttelse til børn på flugt i bl.a. den Central Afrikanske Republik, Syd-sudan og Syrien.

Da det er en kæmpe opgave at skaffe nødhjælp til flygtningebørnene, er der et enormt behov for virksomheder, der har lyst til at gøre en forskel. Enhver donation til auktionen gør en helt konkret forskel i børnenes liv. For kr. 5.000,- kan Dansk Flygtningehjælp f.eks. levere vanddunke og sæbe til 76 børn i den Central Afrikanske Republik.

Flere informationer om auktionen på http://flygtning.dk/saadan-kan-du-hjaelpe/lauritzcom/


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Danish Design at the HouseEilersen joins "Danish Design at the House" in the Sydney Opera House


The contemporary design installation to be housed in the Western foyer of the Sydney Opera House opens on 25 October 2013.

Exhibiting companies include:

Bang & Olufsen, BODUM, Cane-line, ECCO, ege, Eilersen, Fritz Hansen, FLEYE, Georg Jensen, Grundfos, HAY, LEGO, Lightyears, LINDBERG, Louis Poulsen, Nordisk, Novo Nordisk, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, Onecollection, Kay Bojesen, Paustian, Scanpan, Steensen Varming, Viola Sky and VisitDenmark.

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Press release: Model BlockBlock – back to basics instead of another brick in the wall


The saying says it all. This is an Eilersen. But does Block form part of the collection of lounging sofas? Or is one on its own?  Jens Juul Eilersen called Block a primal sofa as its simplicity takes you on a journey in time back to basics.

It is so simple it is almost advanced. As the market and people in general have become accustomed to a cornucopia of designs, details and frills, the first impression of Block is one of surprise. And it may also give rise to curiosity after finding out why it gives peace of mind. Why the eyes don't tire of it. Why it is just right - without making a fuss about itself.

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Press release: Model SavannaSavanna is like a stout man – without being heavy


A lounging sofa from Eilersen promises comfort.  Comfort with no compromises.  In strong, well-conceived lines and with soft upholstery that hugs the body. But how can this be harmonised and balance with the desire for lightness of expression?

"Savanna is built up as a normal frame with normal seat cushions. On the face of it this sounds firm and this was just my intention" emphasises Jens Juul Eilersen. "I wanted to create a sofa with a world of opportunities for expansion and a design which is so classic that the sofa will always modern. Taut lines are good for the eye but the sofa must also be really great to sit and lounge in. The art was to optimise the comfort without compromising on the lightness.

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Press Release: Living Home 2012Eilersen takes part in Living Home 2012 with model Tub


LIVING HOME is the future Danish holiday home. An environmentally friendly and energy efficient house full of Danish interior design products presented in a manner that corresponds to the Danish way of living.

The purpose of LIVING HOME is to show you what a vacation in a Danish holiday home might look like, and to show you some examples of Danish design and lifestyle products.


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Press Release: Landsforeningen AutismeEilersen støtter Landsforeningen Autisme


Landsforeningen Autisme afholder auktion på Lauritz.com. Eilersen støtter projektet

Auktionen kommer til at foregå fra den 19. marts til den 2. april. Pengene fra auktionen kommer til at gå til det arbejde vi laver i Landsforeningen Autisme. Landsforeningen Autisme arbejder for at forbedre forholdene for børn, unge og voksne med autisme. Meget handler om at gøre handicappet forståeligt for andre, både pårørende og fagpersoner, men også den danske befolkning generelt. Dette gøres gennem kurser og telefonisk rådgivning.

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Press Release: Actus Business Partner 2011Actus Business Partner 2011


Eilersen is proud to announce that we were appointed Supplier of Year 2011 by Actus Corporation, Japan. The appointment is based on the total sales through Actus Corporation, development in sales in 2011 through Actus Corporation, our company operational set-up and execution, and our design and quality of products.

We are very thankful for this great honor, and we look forward to serve Actus Corporation, their very skilled and dedicated team and cooperators, and their customers in 2012.

Thank you!

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Press Release: Model Block NominatedModel Block - nominated by Bolig Magasinet


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Press release: Model RigToy box with no boundaries



"The whole secret behind RIG's style and unique comfort is that I have combined a high, slim back with a seat drop in the actual frame. The higher the back, the greater the seating comfort.

But a high back can steal the focus and make the sofa lose its optical balance. Which is why I have deceived the eye. My starting point is a back, which with its 66cm, is pretty high. In fact, it's a whole 5 cm higher than the other cousins RIG can be compared to in our sofa family. On the other hand, the back has been slimmed down to just 18 cm. I camouflaged the high back's optical weight with a horizontal seat, which makes the back and seat fuse together into a harmonious unity. A strong, built-in drop in the seat in the frame also ensures that you do not slide down the sofa, and combined with the frame's foam padding, the great seat depth and our renowned down top makes it uniquely comfortable to sit in with extremely good support in the lumbar and back area. So RIG keeps its shape, keeps you comfortable - and snuggles warmly around you with its soft down."


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TV2 program: Brian Mørk showKarma lounge and CFM06 in the new Brian Mørk show


Karma lounge and CFM06 is the first guest in the Brian Mørk show on TV2

Karma lounge and CFM06 is the leading element in the decoration of the set, in the new Brian Mørk show.

The host Brian Mørk, is famous from several other talk shows.

The show will be broadcasted in the spring 2011.

News · 36/40

Eilersen.eu is nominated for a prestigious advertising awardA cooperation between Eilersen and Kunde & Co


We have in cooperation with Kunde & Co developed our new website.

We are very proud of the result, and very proud of the website has been nominated as one of three best, in the category "Best Branding Website", in this years Creative Circle Award.

Creative Circle Award is the most acknowledged award for creative communication. The reward cherishes creative communication and good design, which raises the top bar in the Danish advertising business.

For further information please see: http://www.creativecircleaward.dk/

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News · 37/40

Eilersen and the house of the future - The EnergyFlex House Eilersen is part of a new spectacular house building


Eilersen is part of one the most spectacular new house building projects in Denmark. The low energy, or rather +energy house, is developed by Teknologisk Institut.

A house which produces more energy than it use for heating, is ready for moving into, in Taastrup just outside of Copenhagen. The project is called EnergyFlex, and Eilersen has joined the project by furnishing the livingroom with a baseline sofa.

The main goal of the project is to reduce the CO2 output in Denmark.

For further information please see this link: www.teknologisk.dk/projekter/25280,13


News · 38/40

TV2/Charlie program: "Who knows who?"Karma Lounge is the first guest in the new talk show


Karma lounge is the first guest in the new talk show "Who knows who?"

Karma lounge is the leading element in the decoration of the set, in the new talkshow "Who knows who?"

The host is Peter Kjaer, who is famous from several other talk- and quiz shows.

The show will be broadcasted in the spring 2010.

For further information about the show, please visit http://charlie.tv2.dk/

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Press release: Model PlanoLounging about the Scandinavian way - light & classical


Plano stands and floats on round, 14cm high steel legs that are in keeping with the same light tone. The back and armrest are only 7cm wide and almost seem to have the style of a folded plate that is thin and light, yet still strong enough to be the base for a sofa lounge. The most essential factor of the sofa's functionality is the removable, shaped foam back cushions. They are available from 70 to 120cm with a 10cm spring - six sizes in all - and you can move them freely around as necessary, depending on whether you want to relax lying across it in front of the TV or relax lying down with a book. Plano's seats are equally flexible. You can buy them with a spring of 10cm from 140 to 240cm - that is 11 sizes in all, which are available in both right and left hand versions. Therefore, Plano fits any room regardless of size, which is particularly suited to Scandinavian homes with their relatively small, cosy rooms. Plano is 100cm deep, and the flat, sleek and lightweight design is emphasised by the foam and fibre filled seats, which gives the sofa strength and rigidity. Soft down filled pillows ensure that the look is cosy without being heavy. Plano works perfectly as a single chaise longue, but you can also buy Plano as a finished sofa with two armrests with a total length of either 230 or 240cm.

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Press release: Model CocoonBuild a chrysalis with Cocoon’s cushion universe


Some want to float. Others want to sit. A sofa is often either-or, but this is not the case with Cocoon. It allows you to choose both. "My idea was to develop a sofa that gives support all the way around. Just like a cocoon, hence the name. I knew at once that the back should be high to give maximum support and seating comfort. And whilst I was considering how it must feel to be a silkworm larva, spinning its silk, the image arose of a gigantic toy box. That was the solution! A gigantic toy box with triangular cushions, lumbar cushions, pillows, arm supports, neck cushions - cushions in all sorts of sizes and forms. This method allows you to determine the degree of comfort yourself, and at the same time be able to have great fun building and being in the sofa."


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