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Wooly Parquet



135 x 195 cm
170 x 235 cm


Wooly Parquet

Design: Johanna Mattsson

Eilersen’s carpet adventure

It’s one thing to have a great sofa, a decorative table or a comfortable chair, but a carpet or two in your home really helps bring everything together. This is why Eilersen is now ready to embark on a new adventure – carpets under its own brand.

The designer behind the three carpets is Eilersen’s in-house designer, Johanna Mattsson.

Border, Wooly Parquet and Wooly Block

Border, Wooly Parquet and Wooly Block are the names of Eilersen’s new carpet collection. Johanna Mattsson has strived to create an assortment in a color palette that is designed to match light, dark or colorful homes. Border is available in several sizes and is made of 100% pure bamboo, with a sandy color base, broken by dusty stripes in taupe, fuchsia, aqua and charcoal. A very graphic carpet, which does not impose itself or otherwise steals attention due to its subdued colors.

While developing Wooly Parquet, Johanna Mattson was inspired by classic fishbone parquet, so she composed the carpet from numerous “rods” of sewed sheepskin, giving it an almost marbled surface. With Wooly Block, Johanna Mattsson’s ambition was to design a carpet that was conceived and created in the exact same way as Eilersen’s universe of modular sofas. With blocks of 80 x 80 centimeters and 80 x 160 centimeters, Eilersen lets you assemble modules every which way, to match your taste and the size of the room. A flexible carpet that can always be expanded.  The color scale in Wooly Black and Parquet is limited to cold nuances of gray, maroon, mousse, white and black.

Decoration and acoustics

A carpet doesn't just merge the interior décor with a furniture family; it also improves the acoustics of the home while elegantly splitting up the floor space into different segments, each with its own life. With this in mind, Johanna Mattsson chose to work with a color palette that fits light plank floors, oiled oak parquet as well as concrete floors.  
Expanding into carpets is a new adventure for Eilersen, but after having dealt with furniture and textiles for many generations, the next logical step seems to be to leverage its knowledge of yarn, weaving, and fabrics to develop its own carpet collection.




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Carpets Wooly Parquet


Color: Black
Size: 135 x 195 CM

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