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Total depth: 72 cm · Seat height: 41 cm · Total height: 68,5 cm



Design: Illum Wikkelsoe

In 1959, the Danish furniture designer Illum Wikkelsø (1919-99), designed an armchair for Eilersen which, for many years, led a sheltered life. Eilersen has now brought it back to be part of the collection.
Illum Wikkelsø designed No. 4 with stringent lines and with function in mind. It combines Eilersen's expertise on wood and upholstery in one piece of furniture. The result is an honest chair, which Wikkelsø has refined with very few accoutrements, so that its great seating comfort matches the artistic vision. The chair's base consists of a solid wooden frame of oiled, black-lacquered and soaped oak, and the architect has afforded the No. 4 extra support with a slight slope in the back and seat. Wikkelsø decided to have the frame continue elegantly up through the arm, breaking the clean lines and giving the armchair a subtle finesse.
Over 120 years, Eilersen has refined and perfected its knowledge of carpentry and upholstery and is now ready to begin a new era of furniture. Furniture which supplements and complements the renowned sofas that have long since secured their positions on the international design stage. As with the sofas, Eilersen believes that it should be up to the individual to choose whether the cushions should be upholstered with leather or fabric, whether they should be with or without buttons, and whether the seat cushions are of foam or Eilersen's well-known soft, down covering. The only constant is change, but the freedom to design the chair's style so that it matches the rest of the interior remains.
The history of a fruitful partnership repeats itself
It is not a new phenomenon for Eilersen to produce types of furniture other than sofas. The 1950s and 1960s echoed to the sound of production ideas and input from a team of Danish architects who created sofas, tables and chairs for Eilersen's studio. When the Eilersen family embarked on a review of the many designs from previous productions, many anecdotes also emerged. One of the anecdotes concerns the partnership between Jens Juul Eilersen (1937) and the architect, Wikkelsø.
In 1960, a young Jens Juul Eilersen assumed responsibility for the company's design studio, which meant that he would work with architects and getting them to design new furniture and devise future collections. The day after Jens Juul Eilersen and Wikkelsø had discussed and perfected the final details of No 4, Jens Juul Eilersen called Wikkelsø. However, he did not answer the phone himself, but rather his wife. She explained that Wikkelsø could not come to the phone because the previous day's conversation had worn him out so much that he was indisposed. It was always thus when he had attended a meeting at the factory. It should be mentioned that the two cooperated for a long time and developed a range of furniture together. And now Eilersen is reviving one of his most successful armchairs.



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Chairs IW4



Color: Natural oiled
Size: 68 x 72 CM

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