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Marble, Brown


Marble, Brown

All Eilersen tabletops are made from natural stone that has been pre-treated twice with Tenax Hydrex stone sealer. At Eilersen we have chosen to keep the natural stone as close as possible to its natural look, therefore there will be small pits and veining in the plate. This is a natural part of the stone and is what makes each plate unique.

The Tenax Hydrex treatment makes the plate more resistant to stains, but the plate still requires you to take good care. We always recommend using a drink coaster. For daily cleaning use a damp soft cloth soaked in hot warm water with liquid detergent.

We recommend that the plate is retreated once or twice per year depending on usage.

A stone sealer can be purchased through Guardian.

Standard sizes of  tabletops:
Round: Ø60 cm, Ø70 cm, Ø80 cm, Ø90 cm
Square: 60x60 cm, 80x80 cm
For Frame tables: 35x100 cm

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Table Tops Marble, Brown

Spider table frame is not included


  • Table Top 60 X 60 cm

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